• Unimed SpO2, Adult Soft Sensor (DS100A), 1,1m, U403S-01
  • Unimed SpO2, Adult Soft Sensor (DS100A), 1,1m, U403S-01
  • Unimed SpO2, Adult Soft Sensor (DS100A), 1,1m, U403S-01
  • Unimed SpO2, Adult Soft Sensor (DS100A), 1,1m, U403S-01

SpO2, Adult Soft Sensor (DS100A), 1,1m, U403S-01

SpO2, Adult Soft Sensor (DS100A), 1,1m, U403S-01
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SpO2,  Adult Soft Sensor, 1,1m, U403S-01 : REF# OEM: DS100A

OEM Models:
Colin/Omron (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-01
BP306, BP88, BP508, M570
Colin/Omron (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-69
Datascope (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-69
PassportII, Expert, Passport XG, Accutor plus
Datascope (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-01
Dräger/Siemens (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-28
Vitalert 1000, icero
Dräger/Siemens (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U710-85
Narkomed-Oxysat 2
Dräger/Siemens (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-33
Sirecust, Sirem Spo2
Dräger/Siemens (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U704-23/U708-23
SC6000, 7000, 9000
GE Corometrics (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-01
188, 129, 129F, 128, 128F
GE Corometrics (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-25 (4033CAX)
120, 510, 511, 118, 556
GE Corometrics (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-21
188, 129
GE Critikon( *Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-01 
Dianmap9700/9701, 9702 Plus, MPS Ortable, Compact
GE Critikon( *Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-69 (SCP-10)
Dianmap9700, ProSeries V1, Pro 1000 V2 (Nellcor Optional)
GE Critikon( *Non-Oximax): EXT. Cable: N/A
Dianmap 8700/8710/8720Pulse, Oxyshuttle11 et 2
GE Datex-Ohmeda (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-69  (MC-10)
M-NSAT Module (AS/3,CS/3,S/5)
GE Hellige (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-55 (30344358)
Cardioserv, Eagle1000-3000
GE Marquette (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-21
Eagle 1000/3000/4000, Dash 2000/3000/4000, Solar 8000/8000M, i/9500(Tram 451/451N/851/851N)
Responder3000 (nellcor optional)
Goldway (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-37
UT4000A, UT4000B, UT4000F, UT4000ACS
Goldway (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-11
UT4000A, UT4000C, UT4000E, UT4000F, UT4000APro, UT4000FPro, UT6000A
Mindray (* Non-Oximax)PM-50, PM-60, DPM1, DPM2, DPM3, DPM4, DPM5, DPM6, DPM7, Passport V, Accutorr V :No EXT. Cable Needed
Mindray (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-29
509B, MEC-1000, Mec-1200, PM6000, PM7000/8000/9000, VS800, PM600, PM9000 Express
Mindray (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-22
PM-5000, PM-6000, PM-8000
Mindray (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-48
Beneview T5/T8
Mindray (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable No Need
PM-50, PM-60
Nellcor-Tyco (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U704-01 / U708-01
NPB40, NPB20, NPB75, NPB180, NPB185, NPB190, NPB195, NPB3900, NPB4000
Nellcor-Tyco (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U710-85
Beneview T5/T8
Nellcor-Tyco (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-69
NPB3000-3100, Symphony, NPB290, NPB295, NPB395
Philips/HP (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-20
78352C, 78354C, 78834C, M1020A, M1025B, M1025A, M1350B, M1772A/B, M1732A/B, M2475B)
Philips/HP (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-43
C1, C3, M3, M4, VirDia, MP20, MP30, MP40/50/60/70/90, VM4, VM6, VM8
Philips/HP (*Non-Oximax): Use Ext-cable U708-01
A1, A3

U708-28 (Dräger/Siemens)
U710-85 (Dräger/Siemens)
U708-33 (Dräger/Siemens)
U708-01 (GE Corometrics, Colin Omron, Philips/HP)
U708-69 (GE Datex Ohmeda, Datascope, Colin Omron)
U708-55 (GE Hellige)
U708-21 (GE Marquette)
U708-37 (Goldway)
U708-11 (Goldway)
U708-29 (Mindray)
U708-22 (Mindray)
U708-48 (Mindray)U704-01/U708-01 (Nellcor-Tyco)
U710-85 (Nellcor-Tyco)
U708-69 (Nellcor-Tyco)
U708-20 (Philips/HP)
U708-43 (Philips/HP)

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